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South Bay Christian Academy (SBCA) uses the ABEKA curriculum for grades K thru 3. ABEKA is a Christian-based curriculum designed for the conventional classroom setting. It is excellent in its phonics approach in teaching students to read, as opposed to the whole language or sight learning approach.
Our school participates in standardized testing each spring, and the students consistently score in the top 20% in the nation! This is largely due to the small class size and attention each student receives on a daily basis. Each child has the opportunity to reach his or her potential in this setting.

SBCA uses the latest in individualized instruction based curriculum called Switched-On Schoolhouse® Ignitia version for grades 4-12. Ignitia is a computer-based program featuring 3-D animation and cutting edge multimedia. Students finish lessons by completing various questions, activities, quizzes, and reviewing informative videos — all through a network based program.
Most of the grading is automatic, so teachers only have to grade subjective questions. Teachers and students can leave mes- sages for one another, and teachers may find their work cut in half with the record keeping and lesson planning features, leaving more time for teacher-student interaction.
SOSNet offers much flexibility so that you can customize learning to fit each student’s educational needs. Students are guided through the lessons at their own pace, giving them the chance to master concepts before moving on to more challenging lessons.
There are approximately 130 lessons per subject. Five core subjects — Bible, Language Arts, Math, History & Geography, and Science — plus a number of electives, such as: Constitution, Spanish, French, and College Planner.




Our sports programs are incluse, not exclusive. This means everyone that wants to play gets to play! This may go against the grain of some, but each person has an opportunity to experience the joy of sports competition.

It has been said, "When you win, some of your character shows. When you lose, all of it shows." Students of SBCA have the opportunity, through sports, to build their personal character and to be challenged in ways the classroom alone might not be able to provide.


Creative minds work together and create some of the most amazing productions. They may do a presentation for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Student Convention, or the end of the year.


The Student Convention takes place in the spring of each year. When we are privileged to attend, our students participate in more than 100 different events. Many times, our students will discover their hidden talents and interests.​



Vocal and instrumental talents have the opportunity to be trained and developed. We have seen students become worship leaders, choir directors, musicians, recording artists, and more. It's amazing to see lives transformed when they are placed into the Master's hands.

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